Asallam Alaykum everyone 🙂 unusual title, isn’t it?

Anyway I went to greet a family friend in Portharcourt, on being served dinner there my eyes caught something quite unusual. The plate being used to serve were “made in china”

On a second thought again I checked the spoon, it was made in china. Well I thought to myself that doesn’t matter does it. After all china exports a lot of stuff here.

On getting home I decided to examine some of my stuff, I realise that almost all my domestic stuff (matches, plates, spoons, electric kettles, manual blender etc were made in china)

This is too overwhelming, why would everything be made in china? But sad this is the reality, we are gradually been chinalised without us knowing.

I know most of us would say that after all “Nigeria is not a producing Nation” that’s very sad as the more I think about it, the more annoying it is to me. It is not really Nigerians fault we have so many small scale industries springing up but our continued dearth of basic social amenities (like constant power supply, security, good roads etc.) has killed them all.

I know some of us would say that china is different, chinese are genuinely interested in our country’s development.

Don’t kid yourself by saying after all china is different from europe. The system of old fashioned colonialism is back and its the same everywhere. This time we give you our (cheap) products in return for your raw materials.

China tactics is different, they want to snatch our raw materials from us and they are all willing to export millions of chinese citizens to our factories and business in Africa to do that.

China is trying to like all western nations to pursue its agenda to influence numerous african nations, thus securing supply of raw materials

Recent antecedents have shown that china is not interested in africa’s independent development, china is only trying to position itself as been in charge of our economies.

Wake Up People ! This is the face of 21st century resident colonialism !!!

The chinalization of the african continent is quite noticeable in several other countries. However, It may initially bolster local production and GDP but in the long run we have to sacrifice a lot for it including our economic sovereignty which we are witnessing now.

China wants to keep africa dependent on it, so as to exploit her resources. Africa leaders must act wise by not sacrificing our generations to colonialism as our fore fathers have done.

What should the Africa leaders do? They should wake up and stop acting like shaking hands with Xi Jing Ping would grant them a ticket to heaven.

I personally think we have more dangerous enemies that Boko Haram (who knows this guys might even be the ones sponsoring them), we should keep an eye on the West and China, they all want to keep Africa insubordinate so as to keep exploiting our Natural and Human Resources. After all if our economy is very good , who would want to travel out of the country ?

And as I write this piece, I wish I can dispose all the made in china stuff I have but that means I would be left with practically nothing.

Sad isn’t it.


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